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Hungry for Rights International Meeting

24th/25th october 2015
Urban Center, Via Filippo Turati 6 - Monza, Italy

Jointly organized by Fondazione Acra, Manitese, Fondazione Legambiente, Scottish Crofter Federation, Friends of the Earth Cyprus, Baltic Environmental forum and Urgenci, the international forum "Food up!From grassroot alternative food systems to new forms of food governance"will be held in Monza from 23rd to 25th October 2015.

Young entrepreneurs at SEWF 2015: ‘help the poor to succeed’

SEWF2015: Heat. 80 Taiwan delegates. Coffee and cakes. So many speakers. Profit and purpose. Scaling up or scaling out. Great networking. Buzz.

So that’s my tweet-length digest of a conference which was fairly overwhelming but full of purpose and clearly on a path of change.

Social enterprise at #SEWF2015: 'how it should be'

The opening day of the Social Enterprise World Forum in Milan presented a fascinating array of the plucky, the ingenious and the inspiring.

The setting for the opening of the eighth instalment of the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) took place in the frankly bizarre surrounds of the fashion capital’s Expo. Here, architects have been allowed to let their imagination run wild in trying to outdo each other by creating bonkers buildings for global nations.

ACRA has joined the Rural Water Supply Network

Last 25th of september, 193 member states of the United Nationsformally adopted the global plan, “Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” (visit the official website of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development).

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Sustainability lies at the heart of our philosophy and our actions: interventions that will last over time, beyond our mere physical presence, that are economically viable and that prolong their effectiveness and impact in time.
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Establishment of IGA: Income Generating Activities managed by parents and aimed at generating the necessary resources to guarantee running school activities and enabling autonomous operational and financial management of the schools.


Cereals Banks, an Effective market based Model for Development and Food Security of Rural Population.

Strengthening of the Union Rurale des Mutuelles d'épargne et de Crédit du Sénégal (Urmecs), consisting of 12 micro finance banks, with a total of 10.156 members and which forecasts a breakeven in 2014.


A network of agricultural banks recognized
by the government

Promotion of community and participatory management of water and sanitation services that guarantee greater democracy in decision making, in quantity and in the correct provision of the services and their sustainability in time.

Senegal, Tanzania,
Bolivia, Ecuador,

Establishment of community-based
social enterprises delivering
sustainable management of
water and sanitation services

A 2012 law recognizes Farming Organizations as productive and commercial stakeholders and lets them to promote family economy, farming self-management, environmental sustainability of the production and food supremacy.
Hosted and organized
the 8th edition of the
Social Enterprise World Forum

Support for a sustainability program so schools can achieve self-sufficiency through the establishment of a social enterprise and aimed at guaranteeing a quality education for boys and girls in the rural areas of the region of Njombe.


An agricultural
training school
that is also
a social enterprise
Activation of a partnership with the national authority that has made it possible to influence national policies and have new norms approved for the management of water distribution and impose water committees in villages, the members of which will be 50% women.


Change to
general laws
regarding water
and sanitation
A health centre of excellence in the capital N'Djamena. The centre comprises also a University faculty a nursing school and a campus for medical students to train local personnel and create a new generation of doctors.


Marked-based solution to enhance solar energy in the region of Matam

Participation in forums and in the Constituent Assembly has led to the inclusion in the new Constitution of a specific chapter on water that bans its privatization and establishes the need for the integrated management of water resources.


Strenghtening and support of cooperatives in the agriculture sector

Social-economic development of the Madunda complex with the improvement of rural electricity distribution provided by a low environmental impact power plant managed by a board formed by local technicians and managers.


A community-based social enterprise providing hydroelectric energy
In partnership with other stakeholders (Fem 3, Micro-Ventures, Altromercato and Fondazione Maria Enrica), Opes, the first example in Italy of a non-profit financial vehicle, will invest in social enterprises throughout the world according to a logic of venture philanthropy.

Establishment of Opes

financial vehicle
for investment
in social enterprises

The three centres, thanks to the volunteer work of the mothers, are run autonomously and are sustainable, they spread the culture of prevention of vertical transmission of the HIV virus, support hundreds of mothers and children and enhance the local knowledge on nutrition.


Management of Solid Waste in Zanzibar: a social enterprise for the development of the supply chain of recycled plastic

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resources and solutions
to social problems
are very often
locally rooted
Social entrepreneurs
agents of change
Social mktg and social Campaign
can be effective
in creating a new market
engagement of multiple and diverse stakeholders
is very challenging
but very effective
Social innovation
should always
be pursued
To Read the aspirations
not only the need
can be an useful guide
the education of the new generations
is a factor of
social, economic and cultural sustainability

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with governments
on law
and policies
the best local
and invest
in local talent
Support innovative
social enterprises
on local knowledge
and technology innovation
the foundations
for a high impact

social entrepreneurship ecosystem
as engine
human development

of young women and men

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